The Long Gallery + Studios is a 3-part hive of creativity: a contemporary gallery exhibiting exciting art, resident artists studios where the public is open to peruse and chat with all the artists, and a venue for holding classes on a regular basis to educate, encourage and inspire artmaking in the community with people at any stage in their creative process.  It was originally founded in 2017 by Okanagan artists Jenny Long + Jan Little under the original name “Little Long Studios + Gallery”. In April 2018 it entered its second phase of operations with Little returning to her focus to her work as an artist, and Long taking on full ownership of the rebirthed Long Gallery + Studios.

We focus on artistically diverse solo and group shows, showcasing both Okanagan artists as well as featured artists from across B.C.  We provide art lovers, art collectors, and designers with the ability to access the best new cutting edge artwork for sale, as well as handmade jewelry, apparel, and art prints.  We have a community of artists working here together where the public can see paintings in progress, not just finished work in the gallery. When visiting The Long Gallery + Studios, we invite you to visit all resident artists’ studios and see their works in progress and for purchase.  

The Long Gallery + Studios is also a teaching space where a variety of art classes will be held regularly. In addition to paintings being for sale, this store is stocked with artistic wares including limited edition prints, handcrafted jewelry, apparel and other amazing treats from artists in studio and across B.C.  

The Studio members are wonderful, fresh contemporary artists, and one of Long’s missions is to support and grow the artists that rent spaces in the Long Gallery.  Another mission is to represent outside artists that she herself is inspired by and believes offers the more raw, edgy work not typically found in Penticton’s commercial gallery scene.

Jenny Long, Gallery Owner

Check out the link below of a great segment recently created by Global Okanagan of Jenny!




Our studios change over throughout the year, with artists having the ability to sign on for a 4-month minimum tenure (or stay for as LONG as you wish… no pun intended!). So make sure to be added to our Waitlist (through our contact page), and when a space becomes available we will be sure to email you.

The Core Concept at The Long Gallery + Studios is to have a welcoming and professional work space for art makers that feel supported and inspired by a creative community of other artists.  With the Gallery setting at your fingertips, you can hold your own exhibition, or be a part of one of our many group shows. Your work will also be included in the The Long Gallery's online Gallery.

Another bonus is that the Resident Artist studio spaces act as “mini-galleries” and we believe in giving a much larger commission to the artist when work is sold through this setting. So you can profit exponentially more than in a typical gallery setting.  Since our space creates a more “laid back” and funky feel, the potential to connect to art appreciators and new fans of your work is very promising and can result in establishing lasting impact and relationships with fellow artists and collectors alike. 

Since we have an exciting Exhibition Schedule where we change shows every 4-5 weeks, we generate a fresh feeling in the gallery that continues to draw visitors  who appreciate the wide-range of artistic styles we showcase.  Artists also receive promotion through media releases, posters placed around town, as well as frequent posts on our Instagram and Facebook Page.